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. . In a bowl, mix together the glue and the water and add food coloring (optional). 2. Add the baking soda and saline solution and mix together. 3. Knead the mixture with your hands. 2. Borax Powder Slime: Ingredients: • PVA Glue - ½ a Cup • Borax Powder - ½Tbsp Water • Food coloring (optional) • Storage Container • Bowl • Spoons Method: 1. . . . . How To Make Crystal Clear Slime DIY without Borax, Liquid Starch, Foam Clay! Giant Liquid Glass Putty! Crystal Clear Glass Slime DIY without eye drops! Heavy.

. . How To Make Crunchy Slime without borax, liquid starch, floam, styrofoam, foam balls, foam beads! DIY Giant Fishbowl Slime! Fluffy ASMR Slime! In this diy octopus slime how to make crunchy slime without borax recipe tutorial, we make fishbowl slime with b. Diy, How, Make, Star,. . . . . How To Make Fluffy Slime WITHOUT BAKING SODA, Borax, Liquid Starch, Detergent | DIY Dish Soap Slime! No baking soda slime recipe tutorial!JellyRainbow Subscr.

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